Welcome to our home!

My husband, Ben, and I (Debbie) were looking for a way to better enjoy our lives, and " Get back to the land...". We wanted to use what we had learned in Life's Journey, and enjoy the time spent together, and in our surroundings.
So...as I make our own yogurt...and organic milk was climbing OVER the $6.00 a gallon mark, one day I said to Ben "we need a goat!"

With that, a new chapter began in our lives... we believe we all need to leave our hearts and minds open to new adventures that may come our way... realizing that failures are part of the learning process... if one never fails, one has never really tried to grow!!

As we go along, learning, we hope to be able to share with YOU!
We invite you to come along and see what we have and where we are going next!

Ben and Deb Rock

Check out some of our great products right from the farm !

Lazy Kate | Goat Milk Soap | Yarn-a-Long | Niddy Noddy | Natural Yarn

Our Herds
Pygora goats | Alpaca | Llama | Rabbits | Silk | Nigerian Goats | Sheep

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs